Code of Baltimore Regulations Annotated

In 2020, the Mayor and City Council enacted the Baltimore City Administrative Procedure Act (the “APA”), which established a procedure for the notice, publication, and adoption of regulations in Baltimore City. The APA established that all regulations that have been formally adopted and approved be compiled into the Code of Baltimore Regulations Annotated (“COBRA”).

COBRA is divided into 28 titles, each representing a City agency or group of City agencies. Click on a title to see that agency’s or agencies’ regulations. Note that the APA became effective on January 15, 2021 for new regulations. Agencies have until January 15, 2022 to submit their current regulations to the Law Department and to the Department of Legislative Reference for COBRA codification. Thus, some agencies may not have published regulations as (1) they have not adopted new regulations; or (2) they have submitted their current regulations for codification.

Table of Contents

Title 01 – Office of the Mayor
Title 02 – City Council
Title 03 – Law Department
Title 04 – Office of the Comptroller
Title 05 – Department of Finance
Title 06 – Department of General Services
Title 07 – Department of Housing and Community Development
Title 08 – Housing Authority
Title 09 – Department of Human Resources 
Title 10 – Office of the Inspector General
Title 11 – {Reserved}
Title 12 – Office of the Labor Commissioner
Title 13 – Health Department
Title 14 – Department of Transportation
Title 15 – Office of Equity and Civil Rights
Title 16 – {Reserved}
Title 17 – Miscellaneous Agencies, Boards, and Commissions
Title 18 – {Reserved}
Title 19 – Board of Ethics
Title 20 – {Reserved}
Title 21 – Department of Public Works
Title 22 – Department of Recreation and Parks
Title 23 – Board of Municipal and Zoning Appeals
Title 24 – Baltimore City Fire Department
Title 25 – Bureau of Procurement
Title 26 – Employee Retirement Systems
Title 27 – Board of Estimates
Title 28 – Department of Planning