Baltimore City Department of Legislative Reference

Agency Overview

Established by the 1906 City Charter (Chapter 565, Laws of Maryland, Acts of 1906) the Department of Legislative Reference:

  • drafts all legislation that comes before the City Council;
  • revises and codifies the City Charter, the Code of Public Local Laws of Baltimore City, the City Code, and the Code of Baltimore Regulations Annotated;
  • administers the City’s records management program;
  • serves as the official repository of City documents for historical preservation and study through its oversight and management of the City Archives; and
  • maintains a reference library for legislation and other materials germane to the operations of City government.

Records Management

Records management is the practice of identifying, classifying, archiving, preserving, and destroying records. Almost every activity of business or government is accomplished or documented through some form of record. 

The Department of Legislative Reference (DLR) is responsible for developing programs for the efficient management of City records. DLR is also responsible for assisting City personnel in developing records retention and disposal schedules and reviewing proposed records retention and disposal schedules.

Please direct all questions regarding records management to Gerald Roberts by email or by phone at (410) 396-3884.

Click here to view the Baltimore City Records Retention Schedules

Baltimore City Archives

The Baltimore City Archives - in conjunction with the Maryland State Archives - serves as the City's repository for permanently valuable and historical records.

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Administrative Manual of the City of Baltimore

The Administrative Manual (AM) communicates official City policies and procedures that affect the City’s operations and its employees. The Bureau of the Budget and Management Research (BBMR) within the Department of Finance is responsible for the production of the AM, including drafting, revising, publishing, and withdrawing the AM’s policies and procedures.

The Department of Human Resources (“DHR”), as required by AM 002-1, is responsible for drafting, revising, and withdrawing policies and procedures in the personnel section (200 series) of the Administrative Manual (“AM”). DHR interprets policies in the 200-series for consistent, compliant, and fair application across all City agencies.

Click here to review the Administrative Manual of the City of Baltimore 

Click here to review the Personnel section of the AM (200 Series)

Public Information Act Requests

Please direct all Public Information Act Requests to Anita Evans.

Mail: 100 N. Holliday St., Suite 626, Baltimore, MD 21202
Call: (410) 396-4730, select option 2